Thursday, June 7, 2012

BufWiki experience

Being from Buffalo myself, I actually attend the celebration from time to time. For the most part, the event is held at downtown Buffalo, New York every year during the first week of June. Before it was located at the current spot here in Buffalo, there was a different location where the courts were aligned vertically, meaning one behind the other, but with the same concept; the location was between East Ferry street and East Delevan street along Grider street. The halftime shows they have prepared are, without a doubt, the best I’ve seen since attending and scrimmaging during halftime of a pre-season football competition. The food that’s served are by those who sponsor the event such as, Sahlen’s, who just happen to serve the best Hotdogs in the city next to Steve’s Meat; Applebee’s, one of the best dine-out spot’s on Elmwood avenue.( that’s what I call good marketing!), Also, having sponsorships from Wegmans, TOPS, and Verizon. They have little booth-like table settings along the side of the road at every court, keeping score at some of the sidelined view of the game, others are just selling they’re product or testing a new to see the response it gets from consumers. Gatorade is another sponsor I see set up throughout the event, located in the most obvious of spots reasonably though. Even local businesses have an input to this yearly successful event like, Holiday Inn, Walgreens, McDonalds, but then again, who doesn’t McDonald's sponsor? But, getting back on topic, let’s see, who else is a sponsor? OK, Burger King, and to end this very long list of sponsorships, AT&T, which is a worldwide phone line and all the amenities that go along with it.
 I like this basketball display of talent because it allows us a chance to possibly get a glance of the next street ball, College, or maybe even NBA superstar of the future. Or maybe that could be my imagination working in that expression, but you never know. A safe and secure environment is a constantly warm feeling while attending this festival; A party-like atmosphere, with the sun shining bright, music blasting, grills going with the savory smell of bar-b-q baby back ribs, corn on the cob, and the all-time great classic, good old American cheese burgers; You know, they hire specific instructions for strict personnel to handle, manage, and prepare various food, beverage, and desert items listed on signs presented in comprehensive language that allow them to feed hungry crowd in the thousands in numbers gathered. A lot of hard work and determination is exzubriated from the hard working employees who show up day in and day out, collaborating with vendors, VP’s, CEO’s and other forms of leadership positions to help keep and stay in order, allowing precise division of obligation to exchange means among each other to carry out this massive task between five and seven months of the fiscal year starting in February.
 Buffalo, is not the only place to call home for this event; No, they travel around the world to places that appreciate the value of the game like, China, Europe, and England just to name a few. Basketball is known and loved by people worldwide; Now-a-days, and maybe before, you couldn’t go to a park or playground suited for high school students that didn’t have a court since the 90’s. All ages from 3-93 love basketball, and we can either watch a game and enjoy it, or participate in a game and have some fun, which of them you prefer is fine by me, but we can agree to disagree with the underling of watching. So many chances to take photos of the festival are available with just the reach of a camera, because I don’t think anyone person from here wouldn’t mind being in a picture, especially at an event like this; Almost equal to the taste-of-Buffalo with the turn-out of what they would call us “the consumers”, to test, taste or sample their best dishes.          
At first glance, I thought doing this page with another person/ classmate would be dreadful, but it turned out to be very helpful. Instead of me doing all the work myself to come up with the proper amount of words, it was like I had five hundred words to give and my classmate contributed five hundred. Using a common tool as the base, we came up with very descriptive words to use while describing our ideas. With a little help from our own individual word banks, it helped us put together a collaborated piece of work that we both are proud to share with the viewing public and those who seek to understand the reason behind this work. In the time used to create this piece of work, there were ideas thrown around in the air by both parties; some were used, and some weren’t, only the best and brightest suggestions were enabled and recorded together for this project which made the final project successful from my standpoint; I’m pretty sure my classmate feels the same way. The Gus Macker tournament was actually cancelled this past Sunday, which was June 3, 2012, due to weather conditions, so I presumed that the event will continue once the weather permits to allow the tournament to crown all champions of the courts. With the help of prior knowledge of the Gus Macker, it was fairly easy to come up with a base understanding as to what was to be implemented; Come to find out later, the three on three tournament that was to last at least two days was cancelled, but not due to the downpour of the rain, but by the threat of lightning storms. Finding the right words to manipulate my thoughts on the experience of this project was very, very rough, but I think I managed to put the right words in the right places.

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