Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Using Facebook and Social Networking sites

Well for me, I had a Facebook account for a while now.  I believe I started my Facebook page in 2005. I typically use Facebook to connect with my family and friends that I know from high school.  Occasionally, I will play them games on there, like Wheel of Fortune, Café World, and Texas Hold’em.  I also use it to post quotes I see or hear from movies or TV shows I’ve watched. I would get “likes” and “comments” from my friends and family. Without Facebook, I probably would have fallen out of touch with everyone I knew from my high school years. For the most part I really don’t be on it all like that anymore now.  The reason being is that now everybody posts everything that they do from them walking outside to taking a nap and feeding their pet ant.  It’s getting ridiculous now. 
Besides the ways that I utilize Facebook, there are other functions that also can be used.  One is the “poke” function, poking someone gives you a way to say nothing while suggesting a relation or a connection.  Another use is for your company, if you have a company that you would like to get out there, you can make a Facebook page to get more exposure.  Last but not least you can make an event such as a Birthday party, or a Family gets together and invites all your close family and friends to it.
The purpose of making a new Facebook page is mainly for this class.  Meaning, that our instructor didn’t want to see what we do in our social life. This is for class project ONLY!!!! Point blanket period.   
My information on my Facebook account is private.  The reason I say that because when I set up my account it ask me if I want my account to be public meaning for everybody to see (friends or no friends), or private meaning only your friends that you accepted are allowed to see or view your page(s).
Social networking sites, such as Facebook and twitter are fun ways to keep in touch with friends and meet new people. However, you have to be careful about the information you put on these sites because it can sometimes lead to embarrassment and incidents of stalking, identity theft, and harassment.  Meaning; Change your privacy settings. The privacy settings can and will vary from site to site. Some social networking sites are totally public so anyone with access to the Internet can read the information that you post. Another way is to think before you post. Meaning, be careful about what you post on these websites. Pictures, comments, and blog entries can be saved and forwarded on to others. Also be wary of strangers. Because the Internet provides a sense of anonymity, it's easy for people to fake their identities and motives. Make sure you choose quality over quantity. Make sure you be selective about who you choose to add to your friends list. You don't have to add every person who sends you a friend request, and make sure you create a secure password. Create a password for your social networking accounts that can't be easily deciphered, a password with a little bit of everything in it (from Dashes down to letters and numbers).   If you follow those simple steps your personal information will be safe.
When it comes to Facebook many awkward moments can occur. Like someone posting a picture up of you that embarrassed you to a post from somebody disrespecting you to the fullest.  For me personally, I haven’t had anything outrageous like that happen to me and I hope it never will.

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