Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What is Important to me

While making this project, I was enlightened by the useful information received through the transfer of vibrated sounds traveling through space between myself and other living entities. Through their cooperation, I was able to conduct a reasonable subscription of their detailed logic into my version of interpretation with technology.

I posted my video/ project on Vimeo and YouTube; from a personal point of view I chose these two domains to upload my video due to the fact they both have identical infrastructure.  After taking a closer look at YouTube. YouTube is known for being the largest and most popular video hosting site out here. Thousands of people log on and watch videos on YouTube daily like myself.  YouTube is a great way to promote yourself and for your business, including: display ads and in- video ads. Another pro for YouTube is getting an account. It is very simple and you don’t have to pay nothing to get an account. With a YouTube account, each section is categorized and shows all your videos that you've uploaded or watched. It's a good feature when you don't want to go through the search bar to look up your resent videos. Now here’s the worst part about YouTube. YouTube player can get very ugly at times as we all know.  The frustrating part about YouTube is the pop-up ads; some of the video might not have it or the option to skip the ad. Another con is the length of the video; you only get 10 minutes to record something.
Now with the pros of using Vimeo it has good quality when it comes to watching a video with a pro account.  Vimeo offer “complete customization” of its video player allowing you to embed your logo and branding into the player itself.  With Vimeo it has more viewers that are likely to watch your videos because it's a smaller community. It's better to have viewers who actually stay and watch your videos, than just people looking at it and then selecting something else. Now for the cons of Vimeo, Using Vimeo would be harder to make your videos get more exposure; it’s especially harder for businesses to get exposure to their company. Vimeo only allows you to upload one HD video per week and a maximum of 500 MB with a free account.  Now if you want to upgrade your account, its $59.95 a year to basically have access to better videos. To me that’s just a ridiculous price to be paying to watch or upload videos.
While shooting the video I did not receive as much correspondence as I would have liked from those who I requested to interview; with the Editing I encountered an issue with the audio which resulted with a one second pause midway throw the film I was using; with Posting my Video to YouTube and Vimeo I encountered no problem once I created an account for each of them.
As a communication tool, video seems to be the best way to rely a message to friend, family, and associates because with video you are able to utilize visual intercept with body language assisting the verbal tools. The public nature my video did not affect the subject matter that I have chosen to discuss.

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