Saturday, June 2, 2012

Web 2 affects on me and my community

There are more than a few ways that web 2 affect me and my surrounding community. discussing them in full detail would be too time cosuming, so i decided to chop it down to three compntents to help give an understanding to the helpful ways it affects; facebook, myspace, and twitter.

What Web 2.0 means to me is basically an upgrade from Web 1.0.  It’s more advance now, and without Web 2.0 we wouldn’t be able to use Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or any other Social network.  Web 2.0 not only gives us the opportunity to use just letters and words to communicate, now we are able to communicate through our cell phone as far as updating stats on Facebook, and cameras by sending pictures to Facebook by using the “share” button if we wanted to.  One of the many reasons why Web 2.0 lives up to the Hype, is because of IM (instant Messaging), with using IM you can talk to basically anyone you want without them being in front of you. You can use Facebook to look for family members or even friends that you haven’t spoken to in a while or seen since high school. I believe by the next generation it’s going to be even more advanced.  We might then be able to operate our computer by just talking to it, by stating what we want to search for, down to turning the computer off by just saying shut down.  Furthermore, Web 2.0 is as it says it is a work in progress.
  Facebook allows you to view, blog, and keep in contact with friends and family; myspace does about the same, and twitter you could do the same, but with different types of people. let's stay with facebook for now; you can reach out to those you lost contact with years ago due to distance, or keep up with a member for whatever reasons you wish.
With the amateurization of the web avenue, a person can put their creation up on the web for others to view; it happens to be a participatory web, in other words, it makes the progression from static web pages to dynamic interactive web pages. There is some importantance to as why it was made; the value content is based on the creation itself; the better design you have for the page, the more attractive it becomes to viewers, the more enticesive the reader becomes, and that gives cause to others read what you wrote.
Once you have a stationary subject to update, you must upgrade frequently in order to compete. Everyone will be hip to hop on track with whatever is current or happening at the moment, don’t be the last to hear, because if you are and there’s someone else who has the same format as you with the info, they are more than likely to attain their attention on the subject matter due to punctuality on behalf of the source, and obtain their daily dose of that information from that source opposed to you, so stay current.

Myspace has the same basic principles of facebook, it's actually  a copycat of the site with a different name; Although facebook is more popular in the world today, myspace was it's original form.

Now along comes this new and faster way to communicate with family and friends with an added bonus; now you are allowed to follow certain celebrities who use the social site to reach fans and the public to give thier message to or follow your favorite(s) star, and it's called twitter. You can also, just as you can on facebook or myspace, post up pictures of things you enjoy, or images pertaining to the subject matter at hand.
All in all, using this social networking site creates more ways to communicate among other civilized individuals to embrace working situations ,or just simply a way to keep in touch with the world around you.

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